Creativity, Not Conformity, Will Set Successful Marketers Apart

Everyone on the internet is striving for a “viral moment”. A viral moment is a post or video that breaks through the never-ending stream of content and gets your attention. Maybe you share this photo with your friends, timeline or just giggle at it before scrolling past. As a company, creating a social media moment that creates an emotional reaction for your audience is key to keeping them engaged and excited.

What Does Viral Mean?

Lifewire defines going viral as a piece of content spreading like a virus and infecting all the people who see it. “The infection usually comes from evoked emotions that spur the viewer to share it, so they can relate with other people and discuss how they feel.” Certain emotions are tied in with viral moments. A post that elicit amusement, delight, interest, nostalgia, disgust or surprise are more likely to create an emotional response and cause people to share.

What Makes People Share a Post?

Now it’s time to figure out what makes people share. Someone shares a post because they want to connect with someone over a shared interest, to share something about themselves, to be involved in a trend, out of amusement, to be the first to tell a friend about an event or product or to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject. Create a post that is relevant to a trending topic or moment and people will be excited to share so they feel involved with the trend. Dion Marketing recently created a viral moment for Daytona Lagoon centered around a shark spotted on the shoreline.  This viral moment was timely and relevant to the local community. The audience thought the post was funny and shared it with other locals in Daytona Beach.

viral shark.png

Keeping up with the trends and constantly trying to think out of the box can be exhausting and difficult. The creative team at Dion Marketing dedicates their time to understanding the internet environment. We know how to make your content viral and relevant. We’ll “infect” your audience with exciting branding, a clear and direct message and an engaged social media presence. Dion Marketing is On The Ball and ready to help you with all of your marketing needs!

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