Boutique is More Than Just a Cute Title

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The word “boutique” may bring to mind frills and fashion, but a boutique marketing firm is far from that. Yes, Dion Marketing’s style and attention to detail sets us apart, but being a boutique agency means that our clients also have access to a personalized and adaptable strategy for results.

Boutique firms differ from large marketing agencies in many ways, but the most recognizable is the small team. A large team can accomplish more in quantity, but a small team can produce big results in quality. In boutique firms, you have direct access to who you need to speak to and when you need it. Dion Marketing’s president, Julie Dion, is directly accessible by all clients, and communicates with them on a consistent basis.

Every team member is talented and motivated, because small firms do not have the time or space for anything less. Working with Dion Marketing means that you will receive only the best work from hard-working individuals.

Big agencies often must balance heavy workloads and tedious processes that cramp creativity. At a boutique agency, collaboration is welcomed, and staff often work across disciplines instead of only having one specialty. This leads to a variety of ideas contributed and more time to think creatively.

With a smaller number of clients, boutique agencies can devote more attention to you. Dion Marketing’s clients are not just a number because we pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients. With less staff and processes to follow, we can quickly respond to requests and consistently turn out projects with quick turnaround time.

Boutique agencies often have a distinct passion for what they do, because they can only work with a select number of clients. Dion Marketing has established its niche in the family entertainment center market, and we love the work we create for our clients. Our agency boasts almost 20 years of experience working with the attractions and family entertainment industry, and this experience combined with a passion for fun and entertainment, radiates through our work.

The best advantage of a boutique agency is its adaptability. Large agencies do not often have time to try out new ideas, which is so important in marketing. As technology changes around us, Dion Marketing has the time and flexibility to learn emerging trends to ensure our clients stay relevant.

Dion Marketing understands that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Being a boutique agency means that we can completely customize a plan for each of our clients. We pride ourselves on being a boutique firm that is ON the ball!

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