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News Release Writing

A news release is your first, and in some cases, your only statement as you reveal a new product, event, issue, or service. At Dion Marketing we specialize in writing news releases that get noticed. With a critical eye and extensive experience in editing and writing, we can draft your news release, as well as create a final product that is piques the interest of reporters and gains valuable media coverage for your company.


News Release Distribution

Dion Marketing builds custom databases and invests in one of the most robust press release distribution services offered to advertising agencies.  It helps connect our clients to their industry publicists, resulting in positive news coverage, more visibility and web presence. We have the capability to pitch your stories to one of the world’s largest pitchable media and blogger databases, and we have the ability to build meaningful relationships with media outlets relevant to your business.


Editorial Submissions

Editorial Submissions

Dion Marketing will submit your new product, event, or service, to the right editors and increase your chances of getting coverage. We specialize in precise writing that includes a complete description of an upcoming news event; a timely report of an event that has just occurred; notification of important personnel or procedural changes in an organization; or other news or feature tips.


Special Events and Promotions

Whether you are looking to brand your company, gain exposure in a new product or put together a call-to-action offer, Dion Marketing can help through creative promotions.

Dion Marketing can develop, create, plan and execute promotions and events for your company.

We also specialize in third-party tie-ins, sponsorships and partnerships for your next promotion or event.

Dion Marketing has won several industry awards for their clients in the Special Events and Promotions categories, with the awards based on creative ad campaigns, integrated marketing strategies and the results of the promotions and events themselves.

Julie Dion is also a national speaker for multiple industries specifically on the topic of Promotions.



Community Engagement

We specialize in community engagement strategies for clients ranging from nonprofit foundations to family entertainment centers. We provide engaging, fun and thought-provoking content to strengthen our clients’ desired relationships.


Blog Writing and Distribution

Blog Writing and Distribution

At Dion Marketing, we focus on creating content that keeps readers engaged while providing real value for our clients’ audiences. We create compelling blogs that produce search engine optimized web content. Original created content in the form of blogs is the key to our content marketing strategy, and by distributing it through social media, we drive more traffic to your website, introducing potential new customers for your products and services.


Sponsorship Programs

Dion Marketing can develop positive partnership and sponsorship programs which can generate more revenue and exposure for you.

By working with Dion Marketing, you can align your business with other brands to enhance yours!

Companies we've worked with have included Pepsi, McDonalds, Wendy's, Winn-Dixie, Panama Jack, Good Humor-Breyers, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ingles Supermarkets, Edy's Ice Cream and Sprint, plus a lot of local businesses.


Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers generally have a large social media following or heavy blog traffic that allows them to reach a wide audience.  Influencers reach consumers though their blog and social brands in a unique way. We build relationships with the people who can build relationships for you.