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We know how important your business is to you.

A lot of businesses spend lots of money and effort on advertising and promotion to try to get customers.

Well, what we do is sit down with those businesses, help them define their marketing objectives, and then Dion Marketing Company executes the marketing strategy for them so they can generate more business with less marketing expense.

There is no "I" in teamwork. But there is in Dion Marketing... I know how important your business is to you. As owner and president of Dion Marketing Company, I take a very "hands ON" approach, making sure your marketing investment is working for you to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective approach.


"How we market businesses is constantly changing and evolving. We have progressed along with the marketing industry by producing cutting-edge strategies and campaigns for our clients by combining new media options with traditional advertising solutions."

-Julie Dion, President, DION