TV: No longer defined by the screen in your living room

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In today’s digital age, social media has become one of the top platforms for advertising and marketing. It seems that almost every day there is a new addition to these platforms, making it easier for brands to stand out.  While most people have come accustomed to watching TV in their home, social media platforms are moving towards long-form videos allowing creators, influencers and brands to further connect with their audiences. Read on to learn about a few platforms that are using their own versions of online TV and how they can benefit brands and small businesses.

Instagram TV

IGTV is Instagram’s newest feature, which accommodates videos up to an hour in length. Unlike Instagram Stories, users have a separate channel specifically for their IGTV videos, making it possible for them to store the videos within their account. IGTV gives users the opportunity to browse through different channels and view the brand’s profile and past videos. The purpose behind this new feature is to allow users to create more compelling, in-depth content to further engage with their audience. 


It’s likely that most of us have come to know YouTube as a source for entertaining videos. While this is still true, YouTube has also become an important tool for marketers. YouTube is one of the most extensive platforms around the world and the internet’s second largest search engine. YouTube allows creators, brands and businesses to present information that is easy to view and share. Because the video platform is a top internet search engine, YouTube can also help improve a brand’s SEO and overall appearance.

 Facebook Live

Facebook Live launched in 2016 allowing users to broadcast live to their followers all over the world. Live streaming creates a more connected and personal feeling to how you share content with your audience. Brands and businesses can use this tool to portray a more human connection to their followers and give them access to behind the scenes elements, interviews and more. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, making it an ideal space for brands to interact with their audience.

Long-form video is the newest way for companies and brands to further engage with their online following. It’s important to know where your audience spends time and which platform appeals to them most. The dedicated and creative team at Dion Marketing is always on the ball when it comes to new, engaging content. Dion Marketing knows what works best for your brand and will be there for all your marketing needs!

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