The Power of Promotion

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The possibilities for promotion are endless. You can create relevant promotions with fall themes, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  What defines a promotion can range from a special event, a new business feature or attraction to a special price point or new program offered. The power of promotion is spookily strong and can make any business scarily successful.

Promotions are an essential part to a successful marketing campaign. These marketing tools generate new interest and create a loyal clientele. Using current holidays, themes or trends with your promotions is a perfect way to make them relevant. For example, an amusement park can have a Spooktacular sale on upcoming season passes or a Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! The best way to advertise any type of promotion for free is social media.  Boosting posts takes away only a few dollars from your budget and can triple your reach.

Before any successful promotion, your business needs to define its unique selling proposition. This unique selling proposition simply identifies what about your brand is unique and highlights what makes your business better than your competitors. Once this benefit is noted, you can center your promotions around the unique selling points that makes your business stand out.

 Creating quantifiable goals is key to understanding what kind of promotions are most successful amongst your audience. Every business has a different clientele that responds to different kinds of promotional material, so being able to quantify the sales of your promotion is important for upcoming events, specials, etc.

Without promotion your creative content, blogs, social media and other pieces of your business never goes past your original audience. The goal of promotion is to create a broader reach for your business. Creating a broader reach helps gain new customers, more interest and an excited and loyal audience. Promotion is powerful if you use it for good.

Dion Marketing has harnessed the power of promotion and know exactly how to use it best for your business. We understand how overwhelming it can be to juggle conceptualizing promotions, designing promotional materials, putting promotions into action and then evaluating the results. Don’t worry, Dion Marketing is on the ball! We can take care of all the details so all you see is the powerful results of promotion.

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