Evolution of Fun in the 904!

Happy 904 Day from Dion Marketing! Since we specialize in marketing for attractions and amusement destinations, today is the perfect day to explore Jacksonville’s history of FUN and how it has evolved over the past 125 years!

Founded in 1893 as a small exhibition of Florida reptiles, the Alligator Farm has now become a landmark Florida attraction with a zip-line course that navigates OVER alligator pits!!
The Jacksonville Beach Pier was built with locals in mind. While it has experienced a lot of damage from hurricanes and storms, it’s still one of the local’s favorite fishing spots and one of the best places to surf on the first coast.
Oceanview Amusement Park was the first Jax Beach coaster and quickly became an icon. It was built in 1926 at 93 feet high by W.H. Adams, Sr. to imitate Coney Island
Slippery Dip was Jacksonville’s waterslide hot spot to beat the heat until it was demolished in 1986. Built in 1977, this 40-foot concrete mountain offering thrills, chills, and spills, used up to 264,000 gallon of water every two hours.
Rex the Dino, a Jacksonville landmark built around 1970 was once the eye-catcher for Goony Golf course on Beach Boulevard. Thanks to UNF and some volunteer students, the dinosaur was repaired and repainted in 2007.
The J & S Carousel is located in Davenport Park in St. Augustine, the old-fashioned carousel was originally built in 1927 by J & S Carousel and brought to St. Augustine in 1994. 
Adventure Landing and Shipwreck Island Water Park is the largest Family Entertainment Center in northeast Florida. The Jacksonville Beach location is the first park of the franchise and opened in 1995.
Main Event is a new addition to Jacksonville, opening in February 2017, and for anyone whose visited can see how far the attractions industry had developed over the decades
Top Golf is a national franchise right at home on the first coast, home to dozens of golf courses. This 65,000-square-foot venue challenges visitors to golf games and offers delicious food and beverage. 
Jacksonville has a lot of fun attractions, but the best part about the 904 is our natural attractions! With the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal and St. John’s River winding throughout, there’s always something fun to do on the water. There’s dozens of natural attractions to feature, but we landed on Dutton Island, one of our favorites! It consists of 9,000 feet of nature trails, picnic areas, pavilions, camping areas and a viewing pier. It’s just a stones-throw away to our office, located at the end of Dutton Island Drive in Atlantic Beach. #904Day

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