Getting Your Integrated Marketing Campaign in Shape for Summer

It's almost summer time which means that it’s time for you to shape up… your marketing campaign! Summer presents a lot of opportunities to draw in business both new and old, between holidays, schools being out of session, and increased tourism.  Many businesses from a variety of fields see increases in sales and flow of consumers. It’s important to note, however, that you could be shooting yourself in the foot in one very important way: inconsistent communication across touch points. Integrated marketing campaigns and communication can help correct this.  Integrated campaigns focus on providing a seamless experience for customers across all the platforms, social channels, direct marketing, ads, or any other time that customers receive messaging from your business.

Integrated marketing is a customer-driven strategy.

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 To put this in perspective, pretend that you are on the market for a beach house rental for the Memorial Day Weekend and you decide to check one of the popular booking sites to see what’s available, but something looks weird. The logo doesn’t look the same as it does on television where you first saw the ad for the booking site. At this point, some customers will drop off their search worrying that the website could have malicious code or act as a phishing site, but you’ve heard really good things about this site and choose to continue on. You type in your preferred destination and dates and start scrolling through the search options until finally you’ve done it. You’ve found the perfect rental house and start going through the checkout process but wait a second. The house is no longer available despite having showed the dates as being available on the last page. Now confused, frustrated, and already wary of the website you take a break and jump over to Facebook where you are immediately met with an ad for the house you had been looking at. Except now some of the details have been changed it’s now further from the beach than the listing had showed and now the logo looks the same as the one you saw on tv. You now no longer trust this company and take your business to one of their competitors.

When your messaging is not consistent across your social platforms, advertising campaigns, website,  email marketing and public relations efforts, your customers can become confused and even mistrusting of your business.  That’s why integrating your marketing into all channels is so important. At Dion Marketing, our team of seasoned marketers, communication specialists, and graphic designers can help your business define your brand, create marketing materials and advertisements that drive business goals, leverage social platforms to ensure the most amount of leads, utilize effective public relations tactics and maintain consistency on all platforms. Our mixture of both traditional and non-traditional marketing has helped our clients generate increased business. We’re here so that you can focus on what you do best, growing your business. Contact the award-winning team today to start the ball rolling on the future of your business.

At Dion Marketing, we’re on the ball!

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