What’s On the Marketing Horizon

In the world of marketing, it's important not only to follow the tide of user trends but also to know how to weather the rougher seas and be on the look out for signs of change. That’s why we here at Dion Marketing want to alert you to what’s hidden beyond the horizon and what changes you should be expecting.


The beginning of this year had everyone holding their breath in trepidation to see what Zuckerberg was planning to unveil. Even now, it can sometimes feel like we have only been offered a peek into Facebook’s shroud of mystery.  From that tiny peek however, here is what we have learned.

  • Stock photos are out. Facebook will only allow your posts to be seen if they are an original photo or graphic.
  • Posts with language that promises something in return for likes, comments, and shares are also out.
  • Engagement is key. You may be churning out great content, but if people aren’t engaging with it, there is a chance that your post will never leave your business page.
  • As with everything there is a caveat. None of this applies to boosted posts and paid advertisements.

Digital Display Ad Networks- Are They Effective?

What's On the Marketing Horizon

When it comes to deciding where to put your digital marketing budget, using online banner ads is tempting, especially digital display ad networks who can place your ad on dozens, if not hundreds, of websites.  You can target geographically and behaviorally, putting your ad in front of your ideal target audience. And if you are selling an online product, online display ads can be one click away from making a sale.

However, do your homework. The average click-through rates on banner ads are low (.06% according to Google), 60% of the clicks were accidental (Media Week), only 9% are viewed for more than a second, 25% of viewers us an ad blocker, and a lot of folks find them annoying. Even worse, evidence indicates that most clicks are bots, and Business Insider reported that a company called Solve Media reports that you are more likely to win the lottery than you are to click on a banner ad!

But it’s not all gloom and doom! There are lots of choices in the digital ad space with better results than banner ads including video pre-roll ads, AdWords (pay-per-click also called SEM which is short for search engine marketing), Facebook ads and email marketing are great digital methods that also allow for geographical, behavioral and keyword-centric targeting.

ADA Compliance.

The ADA (American’s With Disabilities Act) is one of the most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation. Everyone knows that it’s the reason why any business with stairs leading into it are required to have a wheelchair ramp and why the fire alarms in schools have a flashing light. What many people don’t know is what an ADA compliant website looks like.

  • All images are posted with an HTML code to provide a text description. That way screen readers and Refreshable Braille Displays read the text out loud to those with vision problems, just make sure that it is a rich description. For example, if you have a picture of your founder on your website, be sure that the description includes not only their name but also all pertinent information as well as includes anything else in the photo. Your aim should be too ensure both the visually impaired and abled can both walk away with the same amount of information.
  • All PDF documents are available in an alternative text form such as HTML or RTF which allow for screen readers to interpret the document. 
  • Users can easily manipulate how they view the webpages using their browsers settings. It may be tempting to lock the page so that everyone views the page in the same way, but this can ostracize people who require high contrast settings or can’t see a certain color.

Modern marketing is constantly changing to account for new technologies, platforms, and even social issues like we saw with Facebook. We are constantly looking to the horizon for new opportunities and challenges that could impact our clients, good or bad. That’s one of the ways we demonstrate to our clients that we are “on the ball” and on the lookout for their best interest in the world of marketing!