Fall Brings Reflection

Fall is a time of reflection and changes. It’s a period to shed the old and reflect on what was, what will again be and all that’s new that the future will bring.  Looking back over these past several months, the Dion Marketing team welcomes fall as a time to embrace and envision our successes and learn from the year’s challenges.


We have found that putting the power of statistical and analytical information behind our marketing decisions can produce positive results.

At Dion Marketing, we use data to plan campaigns, measure our efforts and make business decisions that affect our client’s overall success. 

If your business invests in marketing and advertising, measuring your marketing efforts is key to growth and success.  We determine our clients’ success by measuring our efforts through a variety of methods: google analytics, social media growth and engagement, email marketing results, advertising performance, guest surveys and feedback.

If your campaign goals are to drive traffic to your website, then Google Analytics can tell you how many web clicks you are getting from each form of online advertising.  That includes social media, online display and text ads, email marketing and advertising on other websites.  Google Analytics tells you geographically where your web users are browsing from, how long, what pages and if they ever make it to your shopping cart if you have e-commerce.  Google Analytics help us demonstrate our efforts.  For example, showing our clients how many web clicks were achieved from each ad campaign helps measure their return on investment.

If you invest in social media, is your fan and follower count going up each month? What about engagement?  Who is viewing your pages?  Looking and studying these trends will help you learn who your current audience is including household income, age, gender and geography - all key components for targeting and reaching your customer for future campaigns.

Although not as analytical as social media insights and Google analytics, we can learn a lot about our business and our efforts by listening to our customers and getting their feedback.  Are there any common-thread statements on your customer reviews that you should consider for future efforts? Do you execute guest surveys?   Dion Marketing creates and executes guest surveys for our clients which is helpful learning about what they like and expect from our clients, which helps us build better marketing plans year over year.


Now here’s the big question – who has time for reflection?  If you are too busy running your business to stop and reflect, then maybe it is time to consider outsourcing some of that effort. 

Marketing plans that we put together for our clients always include a review on past efforts in order to make good business decisions going forward.  Once a marketing plan is put into place, we then put it into action.  And then we measure our efforts... again.  And again each passing year. 

Being ON the ball is imperative to focused marketing plans that achieve results.  We pride ourselves on what has become our moniker and what our clients have come to expect.

If you are interested in learning more about how we work and what we offer, here’s a link to our services.