'Tis The Season For Marketing

‘Tis the season for marketing.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year for the advertising industry. The holidays signify a special time for businesses and marketers to reach audiences. Amidst the saturation of heartwarming stories, memorable content is essential to deliver a targeted message. The Dion Marketing team has found that an influencer marketing strategy assists our clients in reaching people throughout the holiday season and beyond.

'Tis The Season For Marketing
'Tis The Season For Marketing

Social media influencers generally have a large Twitter/Instagram following, long Facebook friends list or heavy blog traffic which means that through them, our clients can reach a wide audience. The expertise influencers hold in a particular field combined with the good relations they maintain with their audience makes them reliable to social followers. 

Dion Marketing finds influencer inspiration from leading companies, such as Armani Beauty during the holiday season. Armani Beauty has been promoting their fragrances as gifts using Instagram and Facebook influencers. In addition to tagging @armanibeauty, social influencers also specified to their followers where they could find merchandise to purchase. Top Instagram influencers Wendy Nguyen and Julia Engel each posted a shot of Armani’s Code Profumo and Acqua di Gio and their availability at @Nordstrom.



With the evolution of social media marketing and the rise of social influencers, it’s essential to brainstorm fresh ideas as the seasons change. To best capitalize on social platforms, Dion Marketing works with prominent and trusted figures in social media.  We found that influencers can sway the thoughts of their online audience in a particular direction, particularly when working with nonprofits like our client Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots).


Dion Marketing’s efforts lead to media influencers Chuck Woolery (remember The Dating Game and Love Connection?) and country singer/songwriter superstar Tracy Lawrence sharing Fallen Patriots’ mission with their social audiences. By capitalizing on their celebrity status and their military support, their respectable networks raised awareness for our nonprofit client and increased their visibility significantly.

As we count our thanks this holiday season, Dion Marketing has a long list of things to be thankful for: family, loyal clients, new tech gadgets and ….social influencers!! Supplementary to our marketing efforts, we are looking forward to social influencers driving traffic, leads and sales for our clients throughout the New Year.