Social Media during an Election

With the upcoming election being just days away, and early voting already making headway, many are left wondering who citizens will vote for, and if they'll even vote at all. There are countless ways for researchers to evaluate who will be showing up and why, but what they've recently found is that social media is the best way to reach audiences of all demographics about the benefits of voting, and presidential candidates -especially for younger voters ages 18-29 years.

Facebook serves as one of the main tools that have an impact on young voter turnout. Sixty three percent of young Americans are more likely to use Facebook to find out information on candidates and voting, and will also set reminders about when they can vote. In a survey conducted on Facebook, 71% of young Floridians said they plan on being involved in this year's presidential election. This is a much higher turnout than previous years, which proves that social media is making a difference.

Due to the high cost of traditional advertising like TV and Radio during the presidential election, more companies are turning to social media, which is much more cost effective. Given the state of our economic climate, Facebook proves to be a useful marketing tool year round.

Many advertising and marketing firms offer Facebook marketing services that help companies create their social media strategies, and a timely execution. When to post, what to post about, and how to effectively execute your message are all vital elements to social media marketing. This is a digital revolution that is being seen not only in the 2012 Presidential Election, but across the board.

Social media allows our marketing message to be adaptable, resourceful, and innovative. Dion Marketing works with various clients to help them bring more customers to their locations, generate revenue, and create a strong and informative voice in Social Media outlets. We've recently added Facebook apps to some of our clients' pages that have resulted in a high viral outreach, and created optimum results. One of our clients used Facebook apps recently to create a contest between the company and their fans on Facebook. The results we're incredible. In just one week our client received a viral outreach that went from 12,000 to 38,000. Dion Marketing strives to create the perfect marketing strategy for your company, with a results-driven approach. You give us the project, and we're on it.