As Digital Marketing Evolves, Google AdWords Changes to Google Ads

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Google recently announced a complete rebrand of its advertising products. Google AdWords, which launched almost 18 years ago, is now becoming Google Ads. A lot has changed in the last 18 years, including the evolution of digital marketing and the success business are getting from digital advertising. Consumers now seamlessly switch from online shopping to browsing social media platforms and back to searching for products.  This gives advertisers more opportunities to reach customers across multiple devices, channels and formats. The new Google Ads platform brings together the full range of advertising capabilities offered in one place.

The Google AdWords brand has been synonymous with search advertising for years although the AdWords platform was home to other formats such as YouTube, Shopping and more. Google is no longer looking at its ad offerings as separate entities, and neither should you. Search, display and YouTube ads should be part of a cohesive marketing strategy with the same goal instead of individual line items.

Dion Marketing is a nimble, boutique agency that can quickly adapt to new changes and use the new tools to improve our clients’ advertising campaigns. As an official Google Partner, our expertise provides companies with cutting-edge digital solutions. We specialize in Search Advertising and gain positive results creating, managing, measuring and optimizing search ad campaigns across the Search Network.

Kellee Zimmerman is a Marketing Specialist at Dion Marketing. 

Kellee Zimmerman is a Marketing Specialist at Dion Marketing. 

Google also combined DoubleClick and Google Analytics to create the new Google Marketing Platform. This helps us better understand what drives customers to click, learn more or buy a product. With this added insight, we can provide even more targeted marketing campaigns.

With extensive experience in traditional advertising, too, Dion Marketing can build integrated ad campaigns by combining traditional advertising when needed with newer, more targeted online options.

Dion Marketing takes pride in being ahead of change and consistently educating ourselves on the newest digital marketing techniques. If all these changes are still a bit confusing to you as a business owner, Dion Marketing is on it! We are a creative, organized, one-stop-shop for all your marketing, advertising, public relations and design needs. We are here to make your business more successful and help you grow into everything you envision your business to be.  

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