Social Media Management: Native vs. Management Software

Social media is an opportunity to tell a story, engage with supporters and get positive results for clients, and how to manage social media is constantly changing and improving.  For many years, we’ve struggled with whether to manage our client’s social media pages natively, right from the page, or through a third-party platform such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social.  However, up until recently, the platforms lacked integration with Instagram, the reporting tools were weak, and there was not enough flexibility in their offerings to persuade us from changing.  We also felt like posting directly from a client’s social page seemed more natural and a way to stay within the client’s voice. 

As new social tools have become available, Dion Marketing has begun steering our efforts away from native social use to social media management tools.


Five Reasons Why We Use Social Media Management Tools

1. Increase Engagement

In today’s social world, consistently being present and engaging with your target audience is vital. However, trying to organize and manage multiple platforms is no easy mission. We’ve noticed the key to being consistent with current social adaptations is maintaining a balance of original content creation and content curation while managing clients’ accounts.  Social media management tools allow us to centralize all of our clients’ messages into a “smart inbox” where we can always be engaged with social comments.  

2. Timely

We have discovered that native social posting can be time consuming. We’ve began directing out efforts to the use of social media management tools that allow us to be more strategic and timely.  It’s safe to say that we’ve noticed patterns that allow us to measure what posting strategies work best across each channel.  Resources allow us to balance our posting with well thought-out, scheduled social media content.

3. Gain Additional Insights

The growing popularity and changing algorithms of social networks has made it difficult to keep clients content at the top of our target audiences’ newsfeeds. We quickly discovered the power of social media management tools in terms of boosting social media engagement. Resources, such as Sprout Social, allow us to see audiences’ demographic data and gain additional insights about what matters to our clients’ followers.

4. Monitor Relevant Key Words

Social Media Management Tools allow us to monitor social media networks for conversations that are relevant to our clients. Tracking the right keywords allow us to gain deeper insights into the needs and wants of our social community. We typically monitor key words that relate to brand mentions, brand-adjacent terms and clients’ competitors to gain the maximum value of our clients’ social media presences.

5. Analyze Social Performance

It is imperative to understand the impact of social efforts. We use data provided from social management tools to determine what strategies worked and what didn’t. By having the capability to analyze social data, we can dictate future marketing plans for clients.

 As a leading marketing agency, we realize that social media is constantly changing. We continuously adapt our marketing strategies to the latest trends that keep our clients above their competition. As we adapt to new techniques, we continue to provide a very “hands on” approach to make sure clients goals are achieved using the most effective social approach.