Begin the Weekend With an Active Friday

The Dion Marketing team is pledging to bike to work every Friday to kick off our new initiative Bike the Beaches. #ActiveFriday, just one of the components of Bike the Beaches, is a healthy mental start to a productive day. As a team we’ve found that biking to work allows us to integrate the simple feeling of exhilaration into our daily grind and allows us to immerse ourselves into our Beach community that we love, work and play.  Bike commuting not only helps the environment, but also helps you stay fit, have a healthy mind and burn a few extra calories along the way.

5 Reasons You Should Start Biking to Work:

1. It’s a free gym on wheels. Cycling improves aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure and boosts you energy during your daily commute. Sneaking the health benefits into your daily routine allows you to skip the gym with a fun alternative.

2. Fun! Biking brings back memories of your childhood, when things were carefree. Observe your surroundings, take in the morning light and wave at passing cyclists as you ride. Soon enough, you’ll find your overall mood boosted!

3. Convenience.  A productive day beings with simplicity. There is no denying that traffic congestion puts a damper on your day, especially during rush hour. Take away the stress of not finding a parking spot or getting stuck in a roadblock on your way to work. When you bike, finding parking is as easy as finding the nearest bike rack.

4. Environmental Benefits. The only energy source required to move you from home to work is you. Bikes are a smart transport method that don’t involve polluting our environment. Your carbon footprint on a bike is nonexistent.

5. Say goodbye to stress. Biking allows you to begin your day with an open mind. Go the extra mile and aspire to inspire others along your ride.

Being active on Friday also helps us reflect on the week’s past events and figure out how we can do better for our clients moving forward into the week ahead.

Although this morning was a little cold and windy, the rewards outweighed being a little uncomfortable. We invite everyone to join us in 2016 to BiketheBeaches and have an #ActiveFriday.