Forgot About the Ol’ Fashion Face to Face?

Has technology gotten the best of you? Emailing and texting have become the new way of the world.  Quick, easy, you can put your thoughts together just how you would like them and spares you the feelings of possible discomfort.  But too often people hide behind this form of communication. The power of meeting someone face to face or making a phone call can make a huge difference.

  • It's harder to say no in person. Turning down an offer or sale in person may make one uncomfortable. As part of human nature, we don't like to disappoint.  When you use an email or text, a denial can be impersonal and one probably won't think twice about saying no.  Thus, when trying to pitch an idea, sponsorship, advertisement, etc., it is better to get in front of the person. It won't be as easy just to blow off your pitch.  In addition, this is also an opportunity to pick up on their non-verbal expressions and body language which then can lead to amending your pitch depending on their reactions. If you can't meet in person, pick up the phone. There is still more of an interpersonal connection over the phone then email. 
  • Relationships can be enhanced.  Having a relationship or connection with associates outside of your company can be a strong tool.  Emotions may be lost in emails or text. Like just stated, it's impersonal.  I bet you can think of at least one person you have sent over 5 emails to and you have no idea what they look or sound like. You can walk by this person and have no idea they are the one you've been emailing all day. Putting a face to the name or putting even a voice to a name can start to create a personal relationship between you and this client.  
  • Ensures engagement. Having a conversation ensures that the client is actively listening and participating in the discussion. They are not just skimming an email while actually daydreaming about being on a beach somewhere.
  • Time is saved. Instead of going days on days with email threads waiting for one to respond, if communicating orally, you can ask  a question and most of the time receive feedback right away. Time is money right?

Now, we do understand the perks of the written form. Sometimes distance may be a factor in meeting someone face to face or you may need the time to find the answer of some of the questions being asked. But, when you are face to face or when you do pick up that phone, you are creating a foundation for a relationship. You are reading and reacting to the emotions or nonverbals of your target audience.  You are getting the quick response you may need. You are challenging them to stay actively listening to what you have to say and say yes.