Using Social Media as a Tool for Success

Starting a new business can be a huge step, and with it comes many obstacles: how to treat your customers, present yourself to the community, and effectively spread the word about what you do and what makes you different from your competitor.

Creating a new Facebook page is much like starting a new business. Hiring a friendly person to work the front counter is a good way to create a welcoming atmosphere. Your Facebook page should be just as inviting. If done correctly, you will begin to build your clients, generate a voice in a Facebook community, and keep your fans coming back.

This might sound easy, but Facebook can be hard to maintain once you get it started. What to post about and who to build relationships with can be tricky.

Here's a list of tactics to use to keep your Facebook thriving:

1. Actively Engage with your Customers

Don't post only about your company. Use interactive ways to promote your business by talking about current events going on in the community, or sharing posts made by others that will generate conversation relevant to your customer's interests. Facebook apps are also a great way to keep your fans engaged.

2. Measure your Success

Track who your followers are, and make sure you are reaching out to the appropriate audience. Having your message fall on deaf ears is not only frustrating; it's a waste of time.

3. Ask for Advice from Others

Using other people's strategies to your advantage can really help, and most people are willing to share how they use their Facebook page. Getting advice will not only help you, it will let you engage and build stronger relationships in the Facebook community. After all, social media is a group effort.

4. Get into a Routine

Make sure you stay on a schedule. This gives your fans a time frame for when you will or will not post, which helps keeps things rolling.

At Dion Marketing, we provide customized Facebook apps for our clients to help them increase their attendance on Facebook, and have created Social Media Packages to fit our customers' specific needs.

Using social media as an integrated marketing tool is a great way to promote your services. We've helped increase one of our client's Facebook fan growth by 75% in the last five months. In March, they gained 106 new likes in just one day alone. This was for Putt-Putt FunHouse in Webster, TX.

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