Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Media

With the new year upon us, resolutions can be hard to accomplish - especially for businesses. Whatever your resolution may be, changes in your marketing strategies can be a positive step to consider. It can put a fresh spin on gaining more outside interest in your company, and give you the extra push you need to accomplish your goal.

In today's world, there's a struggle between the choice of using "traditional" and "non-traditional" media. Whether or not to advertise through a print medium, online advertising, radio advertising, or jump on the band wagon and start posting about your business on Facebook can be a difficult choice. The question that most people seem to be asking themselves is, "Which is more beneficial? "

Traditional media still reaches the masses while non-traditional has the ability to hone in on your target geographically and behaviorally.

The truth is that both are equally important. There is an emerging trend of businesses using social media and non-traditional media platforms, but traditional media is still valuable, important and resourceful. Combining both options is optimal.

The secret is figuring out which media source reaches your customers specifically. Each platform serves a different community, so you will need to do some research, and find out what your customers use to receive information. Due to the variety of platforms available, it's crucial to understand and acknowledge where they receive their information.

Even with this knowledge, marketing can still be daunting and tedious. At Dion Marketing, we've had a lot of success for our clients by combining traditional advertising with new media options. We tailor-make our services to fit each of our clients' needs, and put our best foot forward to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. We take pride in supplying you with services you can rely on. Give us a call, or visit our website to learn more.