Birthday Party Marketing: Online Reservation Systems

Family entertainment centers (FECs), bowling centers, indoor inflatable facilitites and any venue competing for market share for birthday party business also compete in a market for customers who shop, research and make buying decisions online.

The traditional party booking process is "off-line" and cumbersome for everyone -most importantly, customers. Today people expect to do more online and spend much less time collecting and gathering information by calling-around. They want it and they want it now. If you don't give them something to do when they get to your website, what will turn that interest into revenue for you?

In today's 24-7 online marketplace, it is more important than ever to adjust your business model in order to get more business. Oftentimes, birthday party bookings are left to Mom who works and may only have her lunch break or night time to "shop" which may not necessarily even be when your facility is open.

The cost of systems vary with startup fees and monthly maintenance costs. However, the cost is minimal when you factor in the growth in your party business once you give your customers the option of booking online.

When shopping a booking system, do your homework: Facilities that use online booking ms can provide feedback as well as the company pitching the software. You can also ask for testimonials from their customers that have actually used the booking systems personally.

Not only can birthday party business will increase, add-on sales will go up.
You can also use an online system to book group outings, and some also have the options for online forms (questions that are directed to designated email addresses).

How many of you employ a person who wears many hats? And I am not talking "party hats!" They may be tasked to give party information on the phone, but then have to put that person on hold to help a guest at the front counter, for instance. The probability of a lost sale is great, and with an online booking system, sales lost to impatience will decline.

Online reservation systems can do many of the things that a staff member did traditionally- collect information, dispense information, upsell add-ons, promote party and group packages, show your policies, collect deposits, send order confirmations and even online invitations. Even better, it serves your customers when they are wanting and available to shop online.

Online advertising, social media, search engines and traditional advertising are great for generating interest and driving visitors to our website. What is important is what is offered when they arrive? Just a phone number? With online party reservations, visitors can conveniently turn interest directly into sales.