FreightCo Logistics Rebranding Case Study


FreightCo Logistics is a technology-driven logistics company offering freight solutions that are customized and scalable to the needs of every customer.

Each customer has unique access to their tracking systems through a portal located on the company website which is used to manage their supply chains.  This progressive communication tracking tool gives FreightCo an advantage over other freight-forward solution companies that may not offer this technology.

After gaining a major online retailer as a client, FreightCo decided to focus more efforts on this industry.

FreightCo hired Dion Marketing for a re-branding project that included updating their website and sales collateral, creating promotional products and designing an app with an integrated look and feel.

FreightCo Logistic's website rebranded by Dion Marketing.

FreightCo Logistic's website rebranded by Dion Marketing.


FreightIQ App created as a tracking platform for customers.

Before hiring us, FreightCo’s website was more of a portal for existing customers instead of a way to attract new customers.  Additionally, the website and promotional materials were very outdated, but they wanted to continue using some key branding elements which is their tag line: “Personal. Service. Delivered.” for their re-launch.

Working and attracting new clients that are online retailers mean that they are dealing with web-savvy clientele who are accustomed to cutting-edge design and functionality.

Incorporating an App into their portfolio of client offerings would have to work seamlessly, providing instant access to information needed at the push of a button.


We started by creating an overarching modern look that could be adapted into all client assets for online and printed materials. We utilized their tag line by associating the words with stylish icons that represent their offerings.

We completely redesigned the look of the website and the navigation to a more user-friendly version, using wide format images that represent their services. We incorporated the new look into their sales materials and custom App to create a consistent integration.

We also named their unique tracking platform portal “FreightIQ” which also carries over to the App.  The name gave the service an identity, and we also created an icon that compliments the tag line icons. 


Website performance has improved dramatically, with 30% more page views, 21% more users in general and time spent on site up 45% more than before. Overall sales improved 13% compared to the prior year before.

User-friendly FreightIQ App makes it easy for customers to log-in and track their shipments in real time.

New informational inserts created to let current and future customers know about the different services FreightCo Logistics offers.

FreightCo Logistics Business Cards redesigned to match new branding as well as advertise the new FreightIQ App.